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Highly creative Nathalie Jean-Louis brings an artistic and colourful touch to the world of watchmaking. By giving a poetic stance to watchmaking tools, accessories and even furniture, she brings together two universes that already complement each other in contemporary and innovative watchmaking.

Each « Watchmaking Tools Art » piece is created in line with Swiss Made quality with local artisans guaranteeing the highest possible finish.

Following an initial artistic academic path, Nathalie entered the watchmaking world in 2004 as a movement decorator for manufacture PIAGET. At that time, this profession was largely learnt at the workplace. Driven by her perfectionist spirit, Nathalie Jean-Louis developed her talent and skills for hand bevelling with a file at the GREUBEL FORSEY atelier, where she remained for 6 years.

In 2011, Nathalie Jean-Louis created her own watchmaking decoration company working independently for renown Swiss watchmaking brands such as GREUBEL FORSEY.

Since 2017, Nathalie also teaches hand bevelling and watchmaking movement decoration notably at the C.F.H. watchmaking training centre in Neuchâtel and now equally proposes Online E-learning courses on her platform where it also possible to purchase a range of specific high-end professional bevelling tools.

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